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Sale prices good from Monday, 4/14/14 through Saturday, 4/19/14.

Wine of the Week:  APOTHIC RED

This California red blend is one of the most intriguing and versatile reds today. One of the most popular blends on the market, this one flies off the shelves even when it is not on sale! Drinks well on its own or is great with a large assortment of spicy and hearty foods. Stock up on this "jewel" of a blend by the case and feel free to share at any occasion.


PINE RIDGE - Chenin Blanc + Viogner

CHATEAU ST JEAN - Assorted Varietals


BAREFOOT - Assorted Varietals

 Everyday PriceSale Price
Apothic Red$0.00 $8.98 / 750ml!
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier$0.00 $9.98 / 750ml!
Barefoot Assorted Varietals$0.00 $9.98 / 1.5L!
Chateau St. Jean Assorted Varietals$0.00 $8.98 / 750ml!
 Everyday PriceSale Price
Evan Williams Black$0.00 $17.48 / 1.75L!
Highland Mist$0.00 $14.98 / 1.75L!
Beefeater Gin$0.00 $27.48 / 1.75L!
Tito's Vodka$0.00 $27.98 / 1.75L!
 Everyday PriceSale Price
Summit Brewing Co 12oz Btl$0.00 $13.98 / 12pk!
Summit Brewing Co 12oz Btl$0.00 $26.48 / Case!
Bud & Bud Light 12oz Can$0.00 $14.98 / 18pk!
Miller Lite 12oz Can$0.00 $14.98 / 18pk!
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